Conscious Parenting offers an open space for everybody who is interested in a conscious interaction with children and a truth- and soulful approach to childraising. Its invitation is to parents and parents-to-be as well as to people who wish to become more conscious about their own inner child or enter into a healing in their relationship with their own parents. It might also prove an enriching experience for people who are dealing with parent-child relationships on a professional basis like family therapists, teachers or childcarers.


Conscious Parenting is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, inspired by
the guidance and wisdom of the Numbers (Karam Kriya/Number Awareness) and places itself under the house and protection of Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Master and Raj Yogi known for his love, selfless service and community (Sangat) building. 


What is it about? What is it NOT about?


- Conscious Parenting is not about mysticism, methods, catering the ego nor exercising power over your children - it is about discovering your own path as you grew from a child to a parent, releasing old patterns and painful memories from your childhood, so you can become the best possible teacher for your own children.


- Conscious Parenting is not a ONE formula that fits all – it’s about helping you connect with your intuition as a parent so you know what works best for you and your family.


- Conscious Parenting is not about advice - its about inspiring you to go deep within yourself to find your path.


- Conscious Parenting is about connecting with your natural essence as a parent through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya.


- Conscious Parenting is about accessing the resources within you - so you understand better why you act the way you act and how to consciously change what needs to be changed and nurture what needs to be nurtured.


- Conscious Parenting is not a method - it is a holistic approach to the indescribable experience of being the first teachers to our children, so they can develop a strong foundation on this earth and develop themselves as fully and wholly humans.


- Conscious Parenting is about reaching out to other parents and parents-to-be. It is about creating parents networks and how you can build such a network in your own environment. It is about sharing experiences on childraising based on Kundalini Yoga and/or Karam Kriya. It is about community (Sangat) as “It takes a Sangat to raise a child” (Yogi Bhajan).






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